Girl, I know how you feel! You are afraid of failure and are putting off starting that business idea or blog because you have convinced yourself you will fail. I was once at this point as well, afraid of the unknown, convinced that if I failed it would be so embarrassing that I would want to go hide in a hole and never come out again. I would constantly tell myself that I wouldn’t be as successful as the other people creating their dream lives. That I didn’t have the right skills, I wouldn’t have enough time and if I did fail people would judge me. 

This was all preventing me from getting started! 

But one day it hit me… WHY couldn’t I be successful? Why did I care what other people thought?

All I needed to do was get a system in place to build a successful business.

Below I break down exactly how to conquer your fears and stop feeling like you will fail.

Lets start with why you feel you might fail…

– Are you scared that you will not be supported by your friends and family?

– That you will not have time?

– Do you believe you might not have the right skills?

– Do you think you are different from the people who are successful?

These are all very valid fears to have…

And if I am honest with you I have also had ALL of these fears when I have wanted to step outside my comfort zone.

As an entrepreneur this is normal, if you didn’t feel these fears then I would be worried.

How to stop being afraid of failure:

These thoughts will get easier. As an entrepreneur, you will have to find the best way to conquer these fears. It does get easier but not without hard work. If you are passionate about creating a life you desire and what you do, you will develop skills on how to overcome those fears of failure. Just like how you will develop the skills on how to reach your goals within your business.

1. Become more confident in yourself

How do you start ignoring the fear? You become more confident in yourself and your work. It is that simple.

When you feel confident you do not feel fear as much as when you are at your least confident.

Feeling confident helps you picture what your dream life or what the outcome of your actions will look like.

Sign up my confidence building workbook to help you create more confidence in your ability

One of the main reasons people believe they will fail is because they listen to other people’s opinions. It takes time to learn how to ignore other people’s views when they are different from yours. However, if you have the confidence within your ability and you know your work will pay off it becomes easier.

2. Know what your end goal is

Do you know what you want to achieve? If you do then you should keep this as a reminder on your desk or working space.

Creating a dream board is a great way to remind yourself of why you are taking the actions you need to take.

After I understood my WHY and where I wanted my business and life to end up, I felt 100% more focused.

Knowing what your end goal is will help you focus less on those limiting beliefs and more on the action you should take.

3. Have a strategy in place

By having a strategy in place you are more likely to feel failure less. When you don’t have a strategy you use hope marketing and will not know how to stop yourself from falling.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you know the exact formula on how you will create an extra income to live on your terms then you will feel less panicky about your business or blog not working.

By understanding your plan of action you can start taking those specific actions that will get you to your end result.

At the end of the day no one can create the life you desire except you.

It takes resilience, hard work and dedication but that is when your confidence will bloom.

Giving in to failure when you have put so much hard work into something will only be letting yourself down.

I truly believe you can do whatever you set your mind too!

Want to find out how you can create your own business?

Message me for more info. 

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