Being grateful can be hard if things don’t seem to be going in the right direction within your life, career or even relationship currently. This is why you should start practicing daily gratitudes, this will help you to start to regain control of your life.

It is within your power to change the direction of how your life is going. The way you view your life reflects what you attract and how you react to certain situations. Taking the power into your hands is the key to making you take action on what is currently not vibing with you in your life.

By practicing being grateful every day is one of the best ways to become grateful within your life. It forces you to realize what is serving you in your life and what actions you need to take to improve on other areas.

By being grateful for where you currently are will also raise your vibration and help the universe understand what direction you want to be taking.

The universe acts only when you can clearly recognize what you are thankful and grateful for. This is when you are truly raising your vibration and energy.

Staying within a negative mindset can make you stagnant on your success and you will not move forward.

Gratitudes can be tiny, to begin with, if you are really struggling. You can either say them out loud or write them down. I like to write them down in a notebook so I can look over them when I am having a bad day.

✨ Small Gratitudes  ✨

⭐️ “I am grateful for my family”

⭐️ “I am grateful for the roof over my head”

⭐️ “I am grateful for the smile from the lady in the lift”

⭐️ “I am grateful for my health”

Starting out small will help you realize how lucky you are and remember how there are other people who are worse off than you.

If you have a goal within your life I would suggest to start already feeling grateful for it. For example, if you are wanting that promotion at work then I would suggest that you practice saying “I am so grateful I have received the promotion from work” 

✨ Daily Gratitudes  ✨

⭐️ “I am grateful for an emotionally safe relationship”

⭐️ “I am grateful for a roof over my head that I own”

⭐️ “I am grateful for a growing business”

⭐️ “I am grateful for the money flowing into my life”

When you want to create a life you want you to need to become grateful for everything positive you currently have within your life. This will then help you build faith for feeling grateful for the future life you desire.

The KEY to daily gratitudes are becoming very specific, the more specific the more grateful you become.

What You Should Read Now…

I would love to know if this blog post was helpful and if you are now practicing daily gratitudes?



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