Hello my lovelies, welcome to Phoebe Emma!

Im excited to start this little space on the web as a place to talk about all the thing I love, one of those things being jewellery. As you will get to see i’m a bit obsessed with the stuff.

But as this is my first post to get the ball rolling, with my new design for the blog and my new focus for this blog. I wanted to introduce myself a bit…

So this is me:

My name is Phoebe and my second name is Emma hence the name of the blog. I go to London College of Fashion and study Fashion Management BA (Hons). I love London and theres so many things to see and places to eat that you never get bored. I also love the business of it and how there is always something exciting happening.

I sell bespoke bracelets on etsy! You can personalise them with names and dates and I have an big selection of colours to choose from! You can view my shop from the shop menu button it will take you right to it! Or just click here!

I also currently work as a temp sales assistant which means I get to work in several department stores in London. I love getting to work on the jewellery counters as it makes sure i’m very up to date with all the new collections.

Another fun fact is that I’m a natural blonde and this means I do come out with very ‘blonde’ things. But I do hope thats one of my best quirky qualities aha!

I hope you are as excited as I am to go on this journey with me!

Another way you can follow me is by my new Instagram