Hello my lovelies, it has been a while. I am sat here in bed typing away feeling a lot better than I have been feeing lately. I think working full time, commuting and Uni work… suddenly caught up on me and made incredibly ill. But looking at the positives I have managed to catch up on a lot of Netflix (nearly at the end of season 4 Gilmore Girls and finished Originals), I have managed to relax and get back to my normal state and my blogging mojo has come back full force.

So onto these shoes…

You know you have those shoes you constantly look at and revisit and then look at your bank account and try and justify why you are not putting those shinny new shoes into the basket and hitting check out. Well these were those shoes… But I decided to treat myself as a celebratory I got my first ever “big girl job” prezzie. They are definitely my most snazziest of black shoes yet but I think they will come in handy if I am feeling daring for work or I have some events that I need a daring shoe to build on a plane outfit.

Topshop ShoesReiss trousers