Hey girl, do you like to online shop as much as I do? I want to show you how to start saving money online.

It’s just so easy to lust over that bag, your favourite fashion instagramer has been wearing recently.

But looking at your bank balance you know you shouldn’t spend so much and should start saving money.

You are tied between saving for that holiday or putting the money away for a rainy day.

I want to share my secret guide to saving money on luxury items. 

Start shopping the smart way

I’m going to start with the amazing trick called Cashback.

Once I learnt about Cashback I was all ears….”you mean I can get rewarded for spending money”…. Ok teach me how 😍 

Well… what if I told you there is a way for you to get Cashback on all your favourite brands.

What is Cashback?

Companies with platforms become affiliates of brands. They then create a special deal with brands so that they can get a set percentage of money from each customer transaction that comes through their platform.

These platforms then reward the customers from using their platform. So you can get anywhere from 1%-15% back from your purchase. Depending on what deals the platform has on at the time. 

*These affiliate Cashback websites do not take any money from you. You pay the advertising amount from the brand*


One of the biggest Cashback sights in the UK, has 1000s of brands and other lifestyle companies to gain money back from. If you are a big online shopper like me you will want to sign up to TopCashback right now. Their Cashback deals offer anything from 2%-15% back on purchases. All you have to do to start earning Cashback from your online purchases is search for the website/brand you are going to purchase from in the TopCashback website and click through on their link.

You can also earn £7.50 by sharing this website with your friends! So by sharing your link like I am doing now will help add money to that shoe fund 😉

Sign up now to see all the amazing brands you could be earning money back from when shopping online. 

Airtime Rewards:

Another great Cashback offer is to earn money off your phone bill!

By connecting your bank card and phone number to the Airtime Rewards APP it will automatically give you Cashback from shopping and eating out with the brands Airtime Rewards are partnered with.

So this is my current Airtime rewards account this month:

I have earned £6.32 and am waiting for the £5.85 to clear on my account. You have to wait for brands to accept the transactions because you might have had a refund.


But once the transactions are all cleared you can then redeem the cash to take it off your phone bill 😍

You will earn money from your weekly shops to going out for meals and also buying that dress you have had your eye on. 

Earn 50p when you sign up by using this code:


 Want to find products for less that still have that luxury feel?

Shop beauty and cleaning products for less join my team or become a prefered customer here. 


I would love to know if this blog post was helpful and if you have signed up for either platforms to start getting cashback from your spending 💸💕


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