From a early age my mother drilled into me I had to look after my skin. She has amazing skin so I was going to take on this advice. Therefore from the age of about 12, I was cleansing my face with at least a facial wash. I have quite sensitive skin so took me a while to find something that I was comfortable with. But Simple defiantly stuck as my routine, once I found it.

Its cheep enough to afford every couple of months when I run out and keeps my skin under control just about. It is good for sensitive skin and is simple enough to use (see what I did there aha).

This is my morning and evening routine everyday, I never miss it unless I have a massively lazy day at home in my PJs. I use the cleanser first after I have used my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (If you haven’t tried this you need to! Its brilliant at removing makeup). I then use the toner to remove the rest of the cleanser. Then finishing off my routine with the Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser.

I am on a hunt to find another Moisturiser though, as I do feel like my skin could be a bit softer and feel less dry. But It’s hard to find one that doesn’t break me out but keeps me feeling moisturised.

So if you have any recommendations do let me know!