If you are not using Instagram story highlight covers already then you need to start!

Instagram is a great platform for you to build your personal brand and online business.

Come say “hi” on Instagram if you want to connect my user name is @phoebeemma_ I love talking to new people and seeing what you guys are up too!

So… what makes you stand out from the millions of other people on the platform? And what makes them want to follow you?

✨ Your personal online brand that you develop over time ✨

Instagram story highlights a great way to start branding your profile and keep valuable content at the core of your profile.

But how do you find Instagram highlight covers that look pretty when you are not a graphic designer?

Below I share my top favorite pretty Instagram highlight covers to get your profile to stand out from the rest.

If you are looking to stand out then these intricate icons might be what you’re looking for. With over 100+ icons available that are being updated constantly these are a great investment for your Instagram account. ✨ Shop Now ✨

For the rose gold lovers like me, this one is for you! You get 53 icons in total in a beautiful design as well as 6 Instagram post templates and 9 elements on Canva. Shop Now ✨

If you are obsessed with flowers then this is the perfect Instagram highlight for you. Buke Shop uses floral borders with calligraphy writing and 20 topics included Shop Now

Looking for Instagram highlight icons that use words to share instantly what your highlight story is about? This design pack is perfect for you! Make sure to browse their other collections as well to find more Shop Now

Want cute drawings that represent your brand and have loads of different highlights covering a large area of your brand then Girl Crush Collective is the place you need to browse. Her designs are so pretty and unique at such brilliant value for what you are getting. Shop Now

I hope this helped you find a way for you to start making your Instagram more personalized to your brand!

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