I’m back!

It took me a while to get into the swing of my new job (post to come soon on that). Therefore I had to concentrate on that and all the exciting things that where suddenly expected of me. SO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY! I also had a lot of catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Motivation is something I struggle with. I mean I can have all these ideas but to actually action them and execute them takes a lot of motivation and drive on my part. I can get distracted by life quite easily.

But I think something clicked the other day.

You only get as far as you work. This is true. Until you start to see this from your own efforts, I don’t think you really understand it. Which is why my motivation and work ethic has defiantly grown over the last 6 weeks. Whenf I get things done quickly I’m less stressed. But If i wait till the last minuet about 100 things happen and I don’t deal with the important things as I start to flap and not think logically. I also will probably end up forgetting something very important and that ends up stressing me out even more!

So here are the main 5 things that help me stay motivated and working efficiently.

1. Prioritise

So I’v noticed you have to be selfish once in a while. Im a very career driven girl and always have been. But I have started to recognise as I’m getting older and understanding the industry I want to be in, you have to make sacrifices. You can not do every thing! Sadly as much as you would love to. Its just not possible.

So for example I get up at 5:30 every day to get the train to work. Thats where I’m currently writing this post. If I go out  drinking or even have a late night my body hates me and I’m effected all week by making that a priority. Therefore Iv chosen lately to make sure I’m in bed by a grannyish time to make sure I’m fresh for the week and able to function. This makes me feel better within myself and means I actually get stuff done. I mean some people can drink and survive on no sleep but sadly I’m just not one of those people. Therefore I’m prioritising my work because in the long term it will hopefully be more beneficial to me. Priorities what you want out of your life to therefore succeed and keep you motived on your goal. Do you really need to watch Netflix or could you do something to reach that next goal?

2. Time management

So this one I struggle with. But there is a way to over come it. So you have a million things to do and your boss gives you about two hundred more jobs to do. You start stressing. But theres no need to. You are only human so do whatever is most important then start going down your list and knocking off those items will take a weight of your shoulders. Getting the most important items done first will make you finally breath. Instead of putting them off because you are so overwhelmed. Start tackling them before it is too late and you are too stressed to even move. Remembering your goals will also help you to keep the most important jobs at the forefront of your mind. Set breaks for yourself so you know when to get certain jobs done by.

3. Stop procrastinating

Ohhhh procrastination you do get annoying. But you are a thing and the best way to stop this i have noticed is by being excited with your goals. Think about what your goals are and set times for when you think you should have done them by. Be realistic but make sure they excite you. By being excited by your goals you will be more excited to do the jobs and therefore loose this state of procrastinating. Also make sure your to do lists are broken down. Start with the easiest thing of the most important thing. For example answering emails just open up your laptop and suddenly you will have done the first step and be well on your way to doing the actual emails!

4. Make lists and goals

So being career driven means I have lots of goals and this can be a good and bad thing. I have noticed setting too many goals I get overwhelmed! So what I do now is set realistic goals in times. So five years time goals, this years goals the next 6 months goals and this months goals. This helps me break down my goals and understand if they are realistic. Therefore not making me stress out over something that could potentially be really exciting! With these goals I make lists. These lists help me understand how I will reach these goals and help me stay on track.

5. Take some time for yourself.

Now this is probably one of the most important points. Staying motivated means not stressing yourself out and helps you understand what is most important. Taking breathing time for yourself calms you down and helps you unwind. Take a bath with amazing products and then turn it into a pamper evening. By doing this on a Sunday so that I’m already refreshed for the week ahead on Monday. It also helps me sleep better and this is crucial when getting up at 5:30. We take sleep for granted but its supper important for our bodies to function properly. So remember to prioritise sleep and time for yourself! This is so that you can perform to the best of your ability. And therefore wake up every morning motivated and ready to tackle those goals.