Create a wealthy mindset

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what is a wealthy mindset

Wealth comes in many forms, it is truly a personal idea and concept that everyone values differently due to everyone’s different situations and experiences in life.

If I told you wealth is all in your mindset and you have the power to create it. Would you believe me?

Some see wealth being their family and friends the people who are there for them, some see it as large amounts of money, having a nice house and material things. It can also be having good health and freedom in life to have the experiences that you desire.

All of these are correct because having wealth is what YOU value.

But trust me when I tell you can have all the wealth you desire.  

Whatever your values are there is always a misconception that you are not supposed to be wealthy and only the top 1% are wealthy.

This is true but this is because only the top 1% know the secret.

This is why people struggle and don’t become wealthy within their lives.

Society will forever make you feel like you are not special and I am here to tell you that you are.


What you are about to learn can potentially change your life forever so please do take this seriously.

Write down what you want

There are two ways you can do this and I suggest you do both. Writing down what you desire can change the direction in your life it will also let the universe know what you want. But more importantly, it will direct your thoughts to create that reality.

First, get a pen and notebook and write down “I am so happy and grateful for…” 

In this notebook write out your dream life. How you see your future self it can be as bold and amazing as you desire. That is the point of writing this, if you hold back you are not being true to what you see yourself becoming.

Make sure you write in MASSIVE detail what you envision your life to be like right down to the exact car, the type of people around you, your relationships, where you are living, and what you do on a day to day basis.

This notebook will be there for you to read at least every week to remind you what you are working towards.



A purpose statement is something you will read every morning and evening and will continue to do so until it is all true

Start by stating what you want to earn by what date… I would suggest doing it for a years time.

“It is the (DATE) and I (NAME) am so happy and grateful that I am now earning (AMOUNT) a month.” 

Then state your commitments and actions –

“After committing every day and being consistent doing (ACTIONS)” 

State what you have attracted and what you are giving back…

“I’ve attracted…(eg. PEACE) and In return of a successful year I will (ACTION)” 

End it by signing it.

“I am now… (eg. wealthy within my life and travel the world with my dream man). Thank you for it is done (NAME)”

This is your Purpose statement and is one of the best ways to keep your wealthy mindset on track.

Envision your future

Now you have your future written down you need to practice visioning your future in your mind.

A great way to do this is to create a vision board

This board will be a poster full of your future life and what you want. It will include words, pictures, and symbols that are important to you.

Vision boards will help you enormously with your wealth mindset, by seeing them every day you will find it easier to accept that this is your future.

It will make you take the actions that you need to take subconsciously as you have a constant reminder.

Affirm your desires

Get emotionally attached to your desires, this is key to making your subconscious believe your desires are truly possible.

For example, If you want to get rid of your debt, speak every day how you have wealth within your life.

Affirmations are a great way to do this!

“I am open to money coming to me from new ways that I’ve never imagined” 

“I have more than enough money” 

“I know everything I need to know to be wealthy NOW”

By speaking your wealth into existence you trick your mind into believing that this is the current situation.

If you are constantly thinking about debt you will attract debt. 

Listen to your inner voice

Your inner voice is the reason why you are broke, unhappy and unfulfilled.

It holds you back from creating that life you desire.

So how do you change that?

By reprogramming your brain to create better thoughts 

This is why all the previous steps are SO important!

If done well and consistently you will eventually trick your thoughts to become the right ones.

Make sure to listen to your thoughts every time you have a doubt or bad thought replace it with the opposite.

Your wealth is a product of what you THINK you desire so if you remind yourself daily what you WANT then you will change this.

Take action and transform

Now all of this isn’t worth anything if you are unable to take the actions and steps necessary to get the dream wealth in life.

These steps will have hopefully shown you what you actually WANT and this is when the universe will set you in the right direction on how to get it.

You might not know the exact thing you are supposed to do next but this is all down to your wealth mindset.

Belive the wealth is there to be taken. You have the wealth already. 

The future is planned and you are more inline to put your foot in front of the other to carry on your path of greatness.

Hold the vision

 The trick is to not give up…

Sometimes we are not ready for the wealth we desire in the world. 

Which means we have a few challenges that will appear before we are ready.

Do not let these challenges change your path and always practice your wealth mindset.

Don’t forget the important steps like the purpose statement, vision board, and note to yourself.

These will keep your mind on the right path.


The secret to a wealthy mindset is believing and becoming open to receiving.

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