Fed up of feeling pasty on the beach or attempting to fake tan and it going terribly wrong.

Feeling tanned can make you feel like a goddess on top of the world.

Making time to concentrate on you is super important to help you feel confident within yourself.

When you feel your most confident you perform your best self.

This is why I believe building your confidence is the key to success. Download my confidence building workbook here.

Follow these tips to make your tan GLOW.

How To Fake Tan like a pro

1. Exfoliate

This is an essential part to getting fake tan ready. If you don’t exfoliate your dead skin will prevent the fake tan going on smooth. As gross and it is the fake tan will cling onto those dead particles and create clumpy areas. This creates your streaky and patchy tan 😷

To stop creating a patchy tan invest in a good exfoliating body scrub that suits your skin and an exfoliating mit. Make sure to scrub more on areas that create more hard skin, like your knees, elbows, and ankles.

If you are fake tanning your legs make sure you also shave your legs and exfoliate after. Opening all pores and getting all the hair follicles out.

Make sure to exfoliate at least 24 hours before as you do not want your pores to be open when you put on the tan.

2. Moisturise

If you want a non-patchy tan then you need to make sure you are moisturizing after you exfoliate.

This is crucial to make sure your skin is prepped for the application of the tan.

If you don’t moisturize your skin will become dry and your fake tan will not take as well.  

Use a moisturizing and sensitive skin moisturiser with no fragrance when your pores are open from exfoliating.

3. Use a tanning mitt

Application of your tan is crucial for you to apply evenly over your body.

The best way to do this is apply the tan with a tanning mitt.

Using a mitt will mean your palms do not go orange, and the tan will spread evenly around the body.

4. Try different tanning products

Using different types of tanning products will help you decide what you like using.

There are plenty of different options out there to try!

Instant Tan

– Mousse

– Spray tans

– Creams

For easy application and less risk of streaks…

Use an instant tan with a guided colour to help show where you have spread the tan when applying. So you don’t miss bits!

If you want an instant glowing tan with no streaks and you can apply with your hand this is the tan you need to try.

An instant natural-looking glowing tan

Buy here – INSTANT GLOW 

What is so good about this tan? 

– Develops within 15 minuets

– Apply to face and body

– Doesn’t block pores

– Developed to smell less

– Apply with your hands

– Does not stain clothes

– Does not leave streaks

Want a natural-looking tan like this?

Get the Instant Glow Tan here 


I would love to know if this blog post was helpful and what tanning products you love to use?


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