Wow so second year of Uni is over and I start my work placement on Monday… This is crazy! But i’m excited to start and get into a routine. It means i’m going to be commuting to London five days a week and in this time I will have dedicated time to spend on this space of the web *yay*! Iv started to prepare myself and planned what my goals are for this little space and my career in general.  I realised I needed to decide on specific times of the week that I will be posting. I thought Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays might be good. So these will be new content days so keep your eyeballs open on those days! I also promise to myself and you that I will stick to them!

So to start the ball rolling for the 1st July and the first day of my posting schedule I wanted to start of celebrating my current favourite ring from Thomas Sabo!

This Thomas Sabo ring I received as a present from my mum on my 20th birthday. She knows me so well as I had been lusting over it for well over a year before that! Its a ring from Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Collection. I absolutely love the Aqua colour that the blue synthetic spinel creates! It has so many different types of blues it reflects off in many different lights. The white zirconia-pavé also adds a bit of sparkle to the ring and makes it more eye catching I feel!

Its one of those rings and pieces of jewellery that you can just wear everyday with anything and I will admit I do wear it nearly every day! However I do occasionally pair it with other rings on other fingers if i’m feeling a bit adventurous! But sadly do not feel its a ring to be stacked… or maybe I just haven’t found the right combination…?

I would love to hear what your favourite ring is currently?! Comment below!

Thomas Sabo ring