Running an online business can get very stressful and overwhelming if you do not have achievable goals in place for you to reach your long term goals. Without a plan with strategies that create results, you risk burning out and losing confidence with yourself and your business.

Always make sure you are practicing daily gratitudes to remind yourself how far you have come. 

The fact is, you are more likely to give up on building your online business if you are not seeing any growth. We start our businesses for a reason that is special to us. Normally this is to either make money, help people or both.

This is why it is so important to create realistic goals and milestones within your business. So how do you create these realistic goals? You start by thinking of those long term goals, you know the ones that made you start your blog and business in the beginning. This is normally your WHY that will help keep you going when you come across those hard times when growing your business.

Knowing what you would like your business to achieve long term creates the ability to know what strategies to use to get there. Once you know the strategies you are going to use for your business you can then start creating smaller goals for you to achieve and start taking ACTION.


The KEY is to create manageable goals that you can increase once you hit them. I have found creating a bullet journal system really helpful for this type of goal setting. For example, when setting social media goals it is good to colour in blocks each month as you hit those goals. This way you gain a sense of achievement and feel like you are working towards those long term goals.

So let’s get thinking… if you would like to hit 10,000 views of your blog within the next month or have 10 sales a week what strategies do you need to start taking action on?

Once you have these strategies in place, think about the little action steps that need to be taken.

Below I have reverse engineered a few of my main goals I have this year 2020 into achievable goals.

This is a great way to show you what I mean and a great way for me to keep accountable to you guys!

✨ Make Pinterest my main source of traffic for my Blog  ✨

⭐️ Create 1-2 blog posts a week (I want to aim for more but I’m going to start off small so it’s not overwhelming)

⭐️ Create at least 5 different pins every blog post I publish

⭐️ Spend 1-2 hours a week using a scheduling tool called Tailwind to publish pins

(If you want to start using Tailwind click here) 

⭐️ Have over 500 views a day from Pinterest

⭐️ Use on-brand consistent designs for my pins


✨ Create a consistent online income ✨

⭐️ Implement an affiliate link strategy – (Will update you on how this goes)

⭐️ Create more of my own digital products (Excitingggg)

⭐️ Show up every day and create content that is helpful and shareable

⭐️ Share how I can help people increase their confidence within their skin

⭐️ Help other ambitious women create an online income with incredible skin (click here if you want to know more)


✨Increasing my Instagram following  to 5K✨

⭐️ Post consistently on Instagram stories

⭐️ Post valuable content that helps people

⭐️ Create a IGTV every month that adds value

⭐️ Shout out other incredible women every week

If you don’t follow me on Instagram I would love you to come say hi! – @phoebeemma_ 

I hope these examples help, these are my main goals this year and I can not wait to share this journey with you.

So start thinking about those key areas you want to improve on with your business and make smaller goals that help you take action and start seeing results.

Don’t give up because you didn’t set yourself realistic goals that are achievable.

Start creating achievable goals today.

What You Should Read Now…

I would love to know if this blog post was helpful and what your goals are for this year?



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