Sunday Self Care Tips for a productive week

A self care Sunday might be just the productive day you are missing from your weekly routine.

It is important to take care of your mental and physical self so that you feel the best version of yourself.

To start your future productive week off on the right foot have a series of dedicated self care activities that make you feel ready to start your week.

The most productive people have dedicated routines that they stick to as a routine every week. 

Below find how to create the perfect self care Sunday to help create the best version of you for the week ahead.

Plan your week in advance

Start utilizing your Sunday wisely by organizing and planning your week ahead. By creating a plan of your week you know exactly what you want to achieve and what your main activity of the week should be focused on. This is important for both your work life and your social life.

I recommend buying a planner that has day views with hours to help you start planning out your day. This is the planner I am currently using and I LOVE it! –  Click Here for the Perfect Planner 

Set your goals for the week

Start by setting your goals out on Sunday that you would like to achieve this week. What assignments or deadlines do you have to complete? Is it your goal to go down the gym a certain amount of times this week?

By knowing what you want to achieve you have a better chance of planning when you need to do certain activities.

Read this post bellow on how to break your goals down into achievable ones to help you achieve your main goal.

List activities by priority

By knowing your goals you can start to write out your list of activities you need to do that week.

Once you have that list number them 1-10 as the most important. This will make you more productive in the future and stop you from putting important tasks off.

Always try and “eat the frog” first thing in the morning. What this means is you should make the first activity you do in the morning the one you always put off. This will complete it from you schedule and you will have the rest of the activities you enjoy after. 

Create a meal plan

A great way to feel ahead of the week is to prepare your future week’s meals in advance. This self care activity will make it easier for you once you get home from work hard during the week.

No one likes coming home and then having to think about what you are going to cook for dinner. Preparing it on Sunday will mean you have the right food in the fridge. This will also help you budget your expenses within your home by being more organized.  

With this plan in place, you won’t need to spend time after work thinking about what you are going to eat. Instead, you can either start doing more productive activities like launching a business to make money. 

Plan your social activities

If you have goals that you are reaching for sometimes you have to make sure your are putting yourself first and not spending all your time doing activities that will not benefit your future. 

This is why it is important to plan your social activities out from Sunday to help you know when you will need to get your work done for your deadlines. 

Becoming more strict with your routines will help you concentrate on what is important to your development.  

Create a self care Sunday Journal

Keeping a journal is an important aspect of your self development and personal growth. Making sure you have dedicated time to reflect on your past week and what is currently happening within your life is crucial to helping you to continue to move forward.

A great way to utilize your journal is by using prompts to help you express your mind in a safe place so you can readjust your vision for the week ahead.

Use part of your journal to share your gratitudes from that week. Taking time to write down your gratitudes will help you realize how far you have come and how much you need to work to get yourself

Spend an hour on personal development

Personal development should be one of your high priorities to help you prepare for the week ahead. Going into the week with a fresh mindset is a great way to start on a positive note.

This type of development can be done in all sorts of ways. There are many different types of personal development books, audio, and youtube videos.

If you are like me and try to do 20 mins of personal development a day Sundays are where you should spend 1 hour at least on developing your mind and skills.

Get yourself into a routine on your Sunday to help you dedicate this time to personal growth.

Developing your mindset is crucial to helping you progress within your career, business and personal life.

Get all the life admin/chores done

This is where having a dedicated day like a self care Sunday is super important to have a future productive week.

Going into the week with chores not completed will most likely make you feel uneasy and not ready for the week ahead. Getting your washing done and cleaning your house can feel like pushing the reset button for the next week ahead.

There is nothing better than fresh sheets and PJs to get into bed with. This might seem like simple actions but these small changes can be just the type of self care that you need to feel refreshed.

Dedicated Sunday beauty routine

Looking after yourself is so important when you have a busy lifestyle. Creating confidence comes from when you dedicate time for yourself to make you feel good. When you feel good your whole outlook and vibe become different.

This time on a Sunday could be when you dedicate having a relaxing bath with a beauty routine to get your skin ready for the week.

The beauty routine could involve using a face mask to draw out those toxins within your skin, and a deep cleanse to help the skin renewal.

Go to the gym

Committing exercise to your routine will help keep you energized and feeling less sluggish. Getting out the house on a Sunday will make you feel more productive and ready to get your list of activities done ready for the week. 

Exercise is one of the best ways of making you feel healthier and dedicating a Sunday to go will make you more likely to go in the week. See how I use these 5 healthy habits to create a healthier lifestyle. 

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

Choosing to spend your Sunday preparing for the week will help you go into the week with a productive mindset feeling ready for what is ahead. Learning to prepare your mindset and goals will help you stay on track for your long term goals you have set for the year. 

Start making time for yourself to do these key self care activities on your Sunday and put yourself as a priority. 

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I would love to know if this post was helpful and if you do any of these self care activities already on a Sunday?


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