Try my 60 feel good activities to start building your confidence for success..

I am a big beliver that creating time for yourself and concentrating on you helps create a more confident you.

To build your confidence for success dowload my Confidence Building Workbook here.

Here are my 60 activities I recomend you for YOU.

  1. Read a good book

  2. Read a magazine

  3. Listen to a podcast

  4. Tan yourself

  5. Have a Bubble Bath

  6. Go for a cycle in the sunshine

  7. Pack and go for a picnic

  8. Go for a coffee in a cafe

  9. Go shopping for a new outfit

  10. Shop for new makeup

  11. Buy yourself some new perfume

  12. Meditate for 20 minuets

  13. Play solitaire

  14. Tidy one room

  15. Create a playlist of happy music

  16. Journel

  17. Create a list of goals

  18. Throw away old makeup

  19. Read a blog post from your favourite blogger

  20. Arrange to see a friend

  21. Paint your nails

  22. Get a facial at a salon

  23. Create a pamper night

  24. Learn a new skill

  25. Learn how to knit

  26. Learn how to crochet

  27. Follow a Yoga instructor on Youtube

  28. Go to the Gym

  29. Have your hair cut

  30. Create a meal plan for the week

  31. Invest in a new course for your business

  32. Take a day away from social media

  33. Watch the sun set

  34. Create a mood board for your dreams

  35. Invest in some new skincare products

  36. Start a DETOX to kickstart your health

  37. Change your sheets

  38. Lay out in the stars

  39. Invest in some new makeup

  40. Pet your favourite animal

  41. Bake a cake

  42. Travel to a new place

  43. Volunteer to a charity

  44. Try a new sport

  45. Build a sandcastle

  46. Skim pebbles on the beach

  47. Share a bottle of wine with good friends

  48. Have a movie night

  49. Go for a long walk on a beach

  50. Visit a flower market

  51. Go fruit picking

  52. Feed lambs

  53. Watch a comedy

  54. Invite friends to a bbq

  55. Fly a kite

  56. Do you gardening

  57. Have a takeaway

  58. Buy a gift for your best friend

  59. Take a pottery making class

  60. A day out in the city to see sights


I would love to know what other activities you love to do to make yourself feel good?


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