Summer can be one of the most challenging times of the year for our confidence. The sun comes out and suddenly we are all not hiding under our jumpers and big coats anymore. We have amazing holidays planned and want to be on the beach in our bikini feeling confident. So we can enjoy our holiday and feel relaxed and recharged after working so hard.

But we stop ourselves from doing this. No matter who you are I no doubt you have felt self concise and worried about those summer months. You don’t let yourself relax because you are worried about what other people think, how you look and beating yourself up for not reaching those summer body goals you set at the start of the year.

I have 5 tips for you this summer to start feeling confident in your bikini.  You need to start recharging your batteries by actually letting yourslef relax by feeling confident. You can also download my Confidence Building Workbook to help create those goals and daily habits.

Take care of your mindset

Girl the only person whos opinion matters about your body is yours. Stop worrying about what other people think. Your probably thinking easy for you to say… And it is because everyday I work on my mindset. Improving your mindset is the key to improving your confidence. I used to be the girl not willing to say boo to a goose becuase I was scared of what people thought about me. But ask yourself why does their opinion matter? They do not live your life. The only one who has the power to change how you feel about yourself…is YOU. You have the POWER to change how you feel. Take action each day to consciously make yourself feel great to help ignore those voices in your head. Remind yourself each morning why you are proud of yourself. Some of us it doesn’t come naturally to because for too long we have let our brain believe those bad thoughts. But make it a habit to un-train your brain. Just like those negative thoughts are a habit you can train yourself to believing in you again. It will not happen over night but by becoming more conscious about what you let yourself think will improve your mindset.

    Practice Self care 15 minuets a day

    The best way to make yourself feel confident is to take time to take care for yourself. Taking the time to concentrate on you and feel better about yourself will make you actually feel cared for. Therefore will stop you being so hard on yourself. You deserve to feel loved and the best person to do that is you. There are many ways to spend half an hour or 15 mins on making yourself feel better. This is why I love beauty products when used they can make you feel incredible and like a new woman.Spend time creating a beauty regimen that will make you feel great. For example when the sun comes out in summer we might be feel pasty from being hidden under our big coats. Change this feeling by follow a fake tan ritual to make yourself feel different and therefore more confident. Or run a extra bubbly bath with your favourite scents and put your favourite relaxing music on. Taking 15 minuets to really focus on you will really make a difference.

    Exercise for those endorphins

    The amount of pressure that comes with the summer body can be very damaging to our health. I don’t believe we need to exercise to have that summer body. But I do believe exercising will always help you improve your mental and physical health and help you feel good. When we exercise our body creates a group of hormones that are called endorphins. These hormones trigger a positive feeling in the body. Therefore exercising will make you feel good within and about yourself and therefore more confident. As soon as you get those endorphins whizzing around your body you will instantly feel on top of your game.

    If your like me and have a busy work life you will always find an excuse to not go to the gym. I find keeping a routine keeps me accountable or booking classes will also make me more motivated to move my a**. By exercising more it gets you socialising doing something other than work. You also start to feel proud of your achievements, realise your strength and how far you can push yourself.

     Building Habits to help you grow

    Becoming more confident doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and constancy to build. Therefore building healthy habits to grow your confidence is a great way to help maintain your confidence. Making a conscious effort to focus on you will help you create healthy habits that make you feel good. Combining exercise and other regimens like journaling every night or morning will help take positive actions to feeling good about yourself. If you need help creating these healthy habits download my Confidence Building Workbook a great way to concentrate on feeling more in control of your life.

    Invest in Yourself

    There is nothing better than a new bikini or going out dress. Make sure you feel good this summer by treating yourself to something that will make you feel confident. Buy something new to wear or purchasing a course to help increase your skills to help you feel more confident in your abilities. The best way to feel like you are growing and becoming more confident is to invest in an area you want to improve. That might mean taking up a business opportunity or learning new skills for your blog to help your business grow.

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