I know what your thinking… is this another blog post about how to make money online giving out get rich quick tips….

First of all… I do not belive that is possible. Success comes if YOU are prepared to work for it.

My 5 ways of creating a successful income online are not get rich quick tips as I do not belive you can create an instant money making machine over night.

The successful people don’t appear out of nowhere they have worked hard to create a successful strategy to produce money online.

Below I have outlined 5 successful ideas of making money online.

From this I hope it helps you to create clarity of how you you can build an online business using different strategies. You can even create multiple incomes….

Create an online income


1. Work with brands as an influencer

With platforms like instagram, twitter and many more there are millions of potential people to fall in love with your content and what you share.

Becoming an influencer takes work and constancy. You have to constantly create content that you and your followers like and find useful.

But by creating a loyal following they will love the products you share and love. Therefore you then become an influencer.

As an influencer you can partner with brands to sponsor you by promoting their products. This is a good way to create an online income.

2. Create an affiliate strategy

If you already have a blog and are not using an affiliate strategy you are missing out!

By sharing products and services that you love you might as well make commission on sharing them!

If you are creating a good amount of traffic to your blog with valuable content, you can create an income in your sleep by referring people to the products you love.

You can find products, courses and services you love that match what your brand is all about and mention them with a link in your blog posts.

3.Become a Network Marketer

Love sharing products and want to help other people create an online income?

Look into network marketing and creating a residual income.

There are a lot of mixed emotions about network marketing online. But that is due to some people not learning the skills to create a successful business.

Just like creating a business from scratch you need to learn the skills and develop your mind set to become a successful network marketer.

If you are an online influencer and find a company who you are aligned too you can help thousands of people.

Want a free opportunity to make some money?

Good at creating relationships online?

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4.Create and sell your own brand online

If you are creative selling a product online has never been so easy.

With so many marketplaces available to sell your products and create an online income.

These products can be physical and digital.

Marketplaces that already have a dedicated audience such as Etsy, Creative Market, and Amazon handmade. Make it easier for creatives to make money online straight away.

Please be aware that these online platforms do take a cut from your sales, therefore you should always factor that in on your price.

Because of this I highly recommend you create your own website and start to create your own audience.

Another way of selling your own brand online is becoming an online coach selling your service to help people. OR selling a course you have created this way you are creating a service that will require less time of yours.

5.  Become a Virtual Assistant

With the key to making money online relying heavily on social media management.

There is definitely a huge opportunity to earn money looking after other peoples social media accounts and growing them into success.

If you have a skill for growing one type of platform make that platform your niche.

By showing employers and brands a portfolio of your work you are more likely to be hired if you have proven accounts that you have taken to success.

What You Should Read Now…

I would love to know if this blog post was helpful and if you use any of these ways to make money online?



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